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However, as a cymbal starts to oxidise, the sound can become will have a more subtle sound.The Zildjian anthem for this line of cymbals has always been Power, Projection and Playability and the Z3 has them all in spades.

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Reminiscent of cymbals from the 50s and 60s yet distinctly modern and relevant for today's music, Kerope is named in honor of Kerope Zildjian, who presided over one of the most storied periods in Zildjian history.

The Kerope line draws from Zildjian's rich history and cymbal making expertise to bring forth the most authentic vintage K recreation to date.

Zildjian carefully studied every nuance of decades-old cymbals - their bells, profiles, hammering, lathing, tapers and weights to achieve an old world look and a sound sought after by so many artists today.

I have a few Zildjian A's, with different fonts and logo's on them.

The model font is the new style, same as above, and the Zildjian logo is same as the new beats ('Avedis' and 'Brilliant') I also have two 17" crashes.