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I scroll down and see people talking negatively about only two members of the team: Duncan and Kim.For those of you who don't know about this, people in the comments section have been attacking them ever since Kim teamed up with Duncan.

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My favourite thing would be the ability to create something that people enjoy.

It’s a dream job, and I feel very lucky to have it.

High School AU - Hatfilms and the Yogscast are all normal eleven year olds that just transferred to Boarding School for year 7.

Chaos and teen angst ensue as they grow up together through school together, facing puberty, crushes and responsibility.

They have fun togther and they like doing hat they do. Here's my response to these: I highly doubt you knew how to play when you first started as well, so don't start with that "She's a n00b, so she automatically is a terrible team member" bullcrap.