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It is for this reason that he is ready to protect the lives of women, girls and vulnerable groups in areas that he is deployed. "Being on a peacekeeping mission means a lot to us.

There is no way we can let down our country," Lt Col Lupi noted. Lt Col Lupi has been to Lebanon in 2008/09 and in 2010/11, he was assigned to South Sudan as a discipline and conduct officer.

Knowledge of these practices among adolescents may be a basis to create awareness among adolescents on practices that involve risks.

This study aims to assess sexual practices among unmarried adolescents in Tanzania.

If the sores, itching, pain, and sheer shame of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) don't provide enough reasons for people to have safe sex, how about cash rewards? Given the stigma many Tanzanians associate with HIV, the researchers decided to study the transmission of STIs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas, and M. They enlisted 2000 18-30 year old's to come in for regular STI testing over the course of a year (pdf). The researchers rewarded them with either $10, $20, or nothing, for a clean set of STI tests. But by the end of twelve months, the MIT team saw the payoff of their payments. In 2009 alone the World Bank spent US$2.4 billion on such programs.