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By Jordan Mussett, IMAGINi T Building Solutions If you are not using layer states, you are missing out on the ease of managing your layers in a more global sense.

With the system variable “Startup” set to 1, when you start Civil 3D and select a sheet set from the list of recent files, Civil 3D will continue to open, but the sheet set is not loaded in the SSM palette.

With the system variable “Startup” set to 2, start Civil 3D and open a sheet set from the recent files on the application menu.

If set to 1, any changes to XREF layer properties, visibility, colour, etc is saved in the host file.

When visretain is set to 0, all layer settings get reset from the XREF each time the file is loaded or reloaded.

Note: the available Pen Sets and their parameters can be different in every language version.

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