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Trustwave does not believe that the backdoor was put in for nefarious purposes, but was more likely the result of quick-and-dirty development practices.“An interesting possibility is that this bug is the result of a backdoor entered into the Desktop API to permit a particular program written by the vendor to access the Desktop API without user interaction,” the company said in a statement.

“Indeed, this possibility seems even more likely when you consider that the Desktop API provides for an undocumented client name identifier.”Ironically, the actual Skype Dashboard widget does not use the backdoor, despite using the name that would give it access without notification.“This raises the possibility that the backdoor is the result of a development accident which left the code behind accidentally during the process of implementing the Dashboard plugin,” the company said.

I understand the need for and heartily support encrypted communication across all channels, I just hated the idea that small-fry publishers would get punished (in search ranking, etc.) for being insecure when the cost would be prohibitive for many publishers. A clean Word Press install is fine, but once you get into a real-world installation things get icky.

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The beauty of doing facebook logins is that you can now add pictures easily from your facebook profile, post comments to our forum and even do facebook chat with your friends through our site!

Everything is under your control and we do not ask for any more information than if you signed up normally through our standard Jumpdates registration.

I figured it might be fun to go through some of what I’ve been up to.

This is the first of two posts detailing what I’ve done on my “winter break.” One of my favorite projects has been switching several of my domains over to HTTPS using the free certs from Let’s Encrypt.

When I get that connection with a person, they can see the real me,which is more wild, exotic, and 'adventurous'.

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    But here’s the thing: Whether or not there are policies forbidding them, office relationships happen.

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    It doesn't matter whether you live in cosmopolitan Toronto, artistic Montreal, the political think-tank of Ottawa, sunny Victoria, cold Quebec, or somewhere beyond the major capitals: there is a special someone out there for you whose deepest personality traits, tastes and motivations in life are in synch with yours.

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    However, as Ankur noted in his answer, it would not be considered rude at all if after getting in and stating your destination you stated apologetically that you need to be on your phone. Day in and day out you do the same thing, over time you've driven hundreds of passengers of all sorts to many places and you likely remember none of them.

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