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“And we wanted to completely demolish the love triangle.Other shows have love triangles where the other person leaves.(Oh, and did we mention he's a Disney prince thanks to a little flick called Frozen? Was there someone who introduced you to this world? That was my first entry into storytelling, drama, comedies and musicals.

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But even Greg realized that his relationship with Rebecca was, as he sang last week, a total s—tshow.

“This person has been repeatedly taken advantage of by Rebecca,” Bloom says.

I think it was partially nostalgic for my own sake, and I had never gotten to see it, so I never knew what it looked like it or sounded like from out in the house. You played Hamlet at the Guthrie at a ridiculously young age (23), but yet you’ve never done Shakespeare here. I want to do A Winter’s Tale, As You Like It, Two Gentleman of Verona—I could go on forever. It’s something I looked at doing here but the hard thing is timing. What’s the most embarrassing thing on your DVR right now?

There was a lot of stuff I was really moved by, especially “There’s Music in You” with Vicki [Clark] and Jess. What role would you want to do for New York audiences? But also Henry IV, Richard II; I have an idea for Richard III I want to play with. The Road Rules/Real World MTV challenges would probably be the worst.

Star of the recent CINDERELLA revival, Santino Fontana married his former CINDERELLA castmate Jessica Hershberg last month.