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As well asexhibiting his art at various galleries across the country, Proudlock is currently designing for his fashion brand Serge De Nimes, for which Caggie is modelling.The series concluded on 15 December 2014 after 10 episodes.Spencer warns Alik about Andy’s behaviour, Alex has an awkward confrontation with Binky, and Lucy confesses to Binky that she has feelings for Proudlock.

As all three of them are on the hunt for “Chelsea ladies”, “handsome boys” and “energetic girls” respectively, it's bound to be another series of love rivalry and debauchery.

Akin Solanke-Caulker is the series' first black cast member, and used to be a semi-professional rugby player. He’s been a close pal of Alex Mytton since their school days and also played rugby with JP back in the day.

A Christmas special episode aired immediately after the series on 22 December 2014, which was then followed by an end of season special presented by Rick Edwards on 29 December 2014.

This is the first series to feature new main cast members Josh Shepherd, and was the only series to include cast members George Amor and Will Colebrook after they did not return for the ninth series.

Binky and Will continue to flirt as he agrees to become her personal trainer, but both understand that it’s just a subtle excuse to see each other.