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Thanks to Cyrus' new song "Malibu," fans of the two know their love is stronger than ever following years of breakups, magazine in early May that she had to find herself in order to work out her relationship with Hemsworth. "And changing with someone else not changing like that is too hard.

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During this leg of their relationship they even got engaged, but then called things off AGAIN in August 2013 — and this time it seemed to be for good.

After meeting and falling in love while filming the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ in 2009, they broke up for a month in 2010, reunited, broke up again in November ’10 for five months, and finally decided they just couldn’t live without one another.

this season, and Cyrus stressed her commitment to the show, which she said includes interacting with her team even when the show isn't filming.

"[Host] Carson knows, I'm the one that cries all the time because I get really attached," she admitted.

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