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In fact, it's hard to find a capacity in which A-Rod has ever been covered for what he wore off the field (his ultra sleek pad, on the other hand, is worth some serious fawning over)—and when you're talking about a player who was at the center of the style/sports/celebrity Venn diagram for as long as A-Rod has been, that's saying a lot.

Six months ago he looked like any other dad en route to his tee time. Suddenly A-Rod doesn't own any more polos with chest logos, nearly all of the baseball player's sneakers have been swapped out for leather-soled dress shoes, and the man wears a suit .

It was a full two years before the estranged couple reconciled and resumed the hit program as pals. The Chosen" while they were a couple, too, announcing the show that scours Latin countries for undiscovered performers in June.

But just a month later, the couple split after seven years of marriage.

The first episode is available in screen captures only (obviously! The Chosen," which she and her former husband both produced and hosted.