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During a break, I sat in the green room talking to Benjamin Whitrow, who had regularly appeared in Olivier's company at the Old Vic and was later well known for his brilliant portrayal of Mr Bennet in the TV adaptation of Pride And Prejudice. I had been to a doctor for an insurance medical, and after an examination he told me I had little chance of conceiving. Ben and I walked on the beach one day as I laid out my terms.

If I was to have a baby it had to be within the next couple of years. We gradually got to know each other and grew very fond. As long as he understood I would not ask for anything, I wouldn't want to live with him, or marry him, would never ask for money for the child and I would be responsible for choosing and paying for the child's education, accommodation, clothing - everything. Some people might say calculated, but I would say I was being honest. I discovered I was pregnant just before Christmas Day 1993 when I was 41. I knew how the announcement of early positive results could end in disaster.

Celia Imrie is pursing her extravagant cupid’s bow mouth, eyebrows arched, eyes glittering with feline mischief.

We are discussing her glorious on-screen persona of Home Counties saucepot and whether it reduces slack-jawed middle-aged chaps to stuttering wrecks in real life as well as on screen.

Influential persona Celia Imire is a British actress who has been successful to win millions of hearts, thanks to her excellence in movies, soap operas and television.