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Primo vintage les pauls, strats, plexi marshalls, orange amps, you name it. also had a real nice san dimas strathead charvel with the hot wheels flames, and a blue parts parts charvel that he played all the time. Well I survived my trip to attic and found the October 1990 issue that has a CC feature, he says ,"Mike Soldano made me an amp that absolutley smokes!

It was surreal, upstars was a pristene mansion all white, marble floors, the view, etc... Downstars had some stank-ass green carpet and looked like a bomb went off. A JTM45 that was mint, and a nice 335 were the latest scores one day I remember. Wow, I'm a little overwhelmed to the responses to this post. To Rythameen: Yeah, studio trickery, I call "production values" added much to his sound and tone. But the same analogy could be said of most recorded tones. Also the pod/guitarport has an 80's hairmetal preset that is dead on "talk dirty to me" Now, I do remember these amps called Risson that looked like marshalls, but were solid state would appear just before these bands got deals motley crue, ratt, lita ford, I think a glam looking slash even endorsed them in a local music ad. That's my guess on what was used to record that album guitar wise. " He uses a Crate G-60 for top end, and a Marshall JTM 45 "which is the secret of my tone".

I assume this was what he was using on tour, and I think it was solid state. is a good fun player, better than he gets credit for.that's cool man!!! I will go up to my attic tomorrow and dig out one of my old Gftpm magazines that has an interview with CC and he runs his rig down, if I remember right it was 2 different amps being mic'ed at the same time and one was a Crate but I don't remember what the other one was but I will walk up the attic steps into memory lane and find out!

Poison weren't exactly the coolest band in the world in 1991, and their disastrous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards that year did little to earn them new fans.

I'm very disappointed on the lack of content about his guitars and gear on the web. Great interview, but not all that informative on the gear. If I remember right, he used Randalls and BC Rich guitars.