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We start herein as surfers and musicians, and are moving forward as stewards of our Island," says Boyd about his longstanding relationship with Hurley and his mission behind the creative collaboration. E., a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on involving artists and their contributions in campaigns, programs and events to support existing social projects that promote education and peace around the world.

A portion of the sales from the limited edition collection, available at Buckle nationwide, specialty retailers and online at beginning April 15, 2011, will benefit H. "Brandon is the epitome of the Hurley brand making him a perfect partner for us," says Greg Teal, Music and Entertainment Marketing Manager at Hurley.

Speaking to, frontman Brandon Boyd said of the track: “‘Nimble Bastard‘ was born of my fascination and loving envy for a couple of people in my life who have this kind of amazing adaptability.

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As you know, the 50-year-old actress became the first woman of color to win an Oscar for Best Actress back in 2002 — and now it's been 15 years since another woman of color has taken home the prize for the same category. Related: Charlize Theron Appears To Be Dating Halle's Baby Daddy!

During a recent interview with star admitted to feeling troubled by the lack of progress — which was thrust into the spotlight during the 2015 awards season, during which no actors of color were nominated for any leading categories: Supermodel Barbie is steppin' out!!

If any bands out there have problems, they should do that. I swear, I get drunk one night, and I'm screwed for the next two days.

Bands break up for stupid reasons, usually, and this could help it. I was thirteen, and I went to Bon Jovi and Skid Row. I'm happy coming back and watching a movie or going on my computer.

Brandon Boyd's life is characterized by self-expression -- a fusion of art, music, writing, activism and surfing.