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It was his understanding that Roethlisberger and his group left the state on Friday.

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About a little more than a inch, I could easily see him as being 5'6.5 with Edward Norton as well said on 4/Dec/16 I am a strong 5'8", and have a good friend of mine who is at best 5'7", or close enough to it.

He recently met Ben Stiller and said that he was either his height, or a little bit shorter than he was.

On Dec 8th 2000 in The Mirror Newspaper he is quoted: "The last thing I want to be is a 5ft 7ins guy walking down the street with a 6ft 2ins model, like, 'Hey! Look what I can get now I got my d**k caught in my zipper".

said on 28/Mar/17 There was a photo that Dmeyer had with him from Dodgeball. Didn't Jonah Hill look taller than him by at least an inch? I doubt there is only .25" difference between them.

Owner Dan Rooney waved to security officials on his way inside and guests included linebacker James Harrison and former Pittsburgh running back Jerome Bettis.