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It's where she spent the last four years writing her memoir, "Boys in the Trees" (Flatiron: 384 pp., .99).The book has all of the juicy details longtime fans will salivate over: tales about her flirtations with Jack Nicholson and Mick Jagger, her passionate and rocky 10-year marriage to Taylor and, yes, the story behind the lyrics of "You're So Vain." The memoir even has a musical companion, "Songs in the Trees," a two-disc compilation of Simon's music with songs that correlate to different chapters in the book.

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More than that, "Boys in the Trees" is about a woman's lifelong quest for self-acceptance.

Growing up, Simon writes, she constantly felt inadequate.

His third and latest album celebrates this martial arts expert’s pioneering ‘kung folk’ – or ‘folk with a kick’, as he puts it.

For Ben, now 32, is on a mission to sex up the rather po-faced image of what he calls ‘the triple S – the sensitive singer-songwriter’ with such songs as ‘Wicked Way’, the most provocative chat-up since Mr Jagger’s ‘Let’s Spend the Night Together’.

Modest he may be, but he can’t hide his genetic destiny.