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Since the Middle Ages, "Afghan" has been used as a synonym for Pashtun.Åland (autonomous province of Finland): "Land [in the] water," from the Germanic root *ahw-, cognate with Latin aqua.The Finnish name Ahvenanmaa (Land of the Perch) is partly borrowed, partly folk-etymologized from Germanic.Albania: From medieval Greek "Αλβανία" (Albania).[1] "Alb" from the Proto-Indo-European root meaning "white" or "mountain", as mountains are often white-capped with snow; compare Alps.

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Afghanistan: Main article: Origins of the name Afghanistan "Land of Afghans," Afghan from the Sanskrit tribal name Aśvaka (अश्वक) meaning "horseman", as the country was noted for its fine breed of horses; and the Persian suffix -stan meaning "land".

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Sogdian, an Eastern Iranian language, is no longer a spoken language, but its direct descendant, Yaghnobi, is still spoken by the Yaghnobis of Tajikistan.