Updating xps built in driver cache

Though there was a particular one that wasn't, and that's the Express Cache, after upgrading the very slow HDD to a SSD, it actually slowed it, so disabled & have 500MB reads & writes.

I don't play games but I've gotten into video editing and this is the reason I needed a dedicated graphics card.

I also like to train some neural networks for educational purposes, so I was looking for NVIDIA graphics cards with CUDA support.

None of my laptops have ever lasted more than 3 hours on battery power, so I finally wanted one with a good battery life. It's amazing how much power you can squeeze into such a small form factor.

Finally, my last laptop had a good design and that's what I wanted this time as well. Imagine describing this laptop and what it can do to someone 30 years ago.

Kind of odd, it even says on Samsung's site that the notebook isn't W10 compatible, yet with UEFI firmware, and being a high dollar purchase about 3.5 years back (over $1,100, not counting taxes), it's kind of hard for me to digest this.