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ASI Console runs with Windows XP (SP3), Vista, and Windows 7 (SP1). Step 8: The program will stop the controller and keep it in bootloader mode.Windows edition and Service pack level can be found in Control Panel / System. It will then query the controller and list all of the available cards in the controller.

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Let’s say updating each statistics takes 1 sec each.

In this case, if the statistics is updated serially using a single job, the total time taken to update the statistics for all the tables in the database is (8 4 2 2) = 16 seconds as shown in the figure below Like any parallel algorithm, you can gain maximum throughput when there is even distribution of workloads across all the execution units.

Table T1 has 8 statistics in total combining the index and column statistics.

Table T2 has 4 statistics, table T3 has 2 statistics and table T4 has 2 statistics.

If the list is empty, or all of your cards are not shown on the list, go back to Step 4 and repeat these steps.