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So in case there are others like me, I thought I would share my knowledge. Go to the PSPMOD site linked above for further assistance.  FInally, before you commit yourself to the following be sure that you do so willingly. You are ultimately responsible for whatever occurs, not me - I am simply relaying info from the other site as a courtesy because this happened to work for me. Turn on your PSP whilst holding the right shoulder-button as it boots until it brings up a DOS-like screen menu with red-lettering highlighting the current menu item (the remaining menu selections will be white) 2.

THIS INSTRUCTABLE SHOULD REALLY BE TITLED HOW TO USE THE RECOVERY FEATURE ON CUSTOM FIRMWARE PSP'S PROPERLY (But I liked my title more) As all disclaimers say. If you are still feeling brave, read through a couple of times and do a 'dummy run' so you're comfortable with the menu thing but don't actually do the disable in step 3 until you're sure you know exactly what to expect. Using the D-pad, push up or down until the menu item title Configuration turns red, then press the X button 3.

Open the Memory Stick drive from your computer and copy EBOOT. (ms0:/) Go to PHAT folder in chick HEN R2 folder and copy file to the following directory on your PSP: /PSP/PHOTO/FAT (Create the directory if not available.

PBP from PSP_Firmware_503 folder to the following directory on your memory card: /PSP/GAME/UPDATE/ (Create the directory if not available. Make sure you name folders in CAPS) Open the SLIM folder from Chick HENR2 and Copy folder Chick HEN to the memory stick under: /PSP/PHOTO/ Copy RECOVERY folder from Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher folder to the following directory on your PSP memory Stick: /PSP/GAME/ Now it’s time to unplug your PSP from the computer and load Chick HEN R2.

This is custom firmware which is used for many PSP hacks.