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We can even enjoy all this while blasting through the stratosphere at 550 mph debating wither we will have another glass of champagne or switch to OJ, when a nice stewardess asks us what we wan to drink.

What a difference with the 1950’s; airliners where still mainly turboprops and they tried exciting (for then) new things with them.

For that reason, we have decided to offer it in the fairest way we could think of - by putting it on offer publicly for several weeks, and letting everyone who might be interested take a shot at getting it.

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That was totally unexpected, but being as curious as I am, I found find myself falling down a rabbit hole, one that I learned was filled with many dubious leads.

Unsurprisingly, most Internet forum chatter is hearsay.

This watch was a Universal Geneve that was called “Polarouter” when it first came out in the fall of 1954.

A caliber 138 SS bumper automatic powered the watch.

All original hands are in similarly excellent condition. These spectacular chronographs are exceptionally rare (one for every 100 Paul Newman Daytonas is probably a reasonable guess) and the few that have come to market in the recent past are well known.