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The word "midrash" occurs twice in the Hebrew Bible: 2 Chronicles "in the midrash of the prophet Iddo", and "in the midrash of the Book of the Kings".

The word is translated in the Septuagint as βίβλος, γραφή, i.e., “book” or “writing,” and it is likely that it refers to an account of, or the result of inquiry into, the events of the time, i.e. In Second Temple Jewish literature it began to be used in the sense of education and learning generally.

Many different exegetical methods are employed in an effort to derive deeper meaning from a text.

This is not limited to the traditional thirteen textual tools attributed to the Tanna Rabbi Ishmael, which are used in the interpretation of halakha (Jewish law).

"Revealed" will examine the declassified reports and eyewitness accounts of Hitler's life in Argentina in order to recreate the dictator's final years.