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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I've met a guy on here and he seems really nice and sincere. But my only problem is that I'm nervous about giving a guy my number after we have only been talking a few days. After talking to him a few times, you may feel comfortable with giving him yours.. If you are not comfortable, do not do it, and just email each other until you are...know ask for his number, be prepared to give yours up too!! I do not like the endless emails, especially when they live fairly close. I must be that oblivious to dangers then because I give out my number even after one conversation from here. I've met up with more or less 15 guys from on here since I joined this site on January 2011 and, fortunately, I have not been in any harm or danger yet even if I have dated dangerous men.1) If you've been sounding confident, natural, direct and yourself all along, then giving him your phone number now shows him that you really are that forward, gutsy, laid back type...which you don't seem to be2) if you've been sounding desperate, putting on a fake overly friendly tone, giving him your number validates that you're even know why you're uncomfortable? he can't do much with a cell phone number other than calling're just not mentally prepard to let him hear your voice, then don't do'll just end up sounding weird I would recommend getting to know them first before you give anyone your number.

Should I take a chance or wait until I'm completely comfortable with it? This is a dating site, What is the big deal about actually meeting? I like to hear the voice and the vocabulary, you do not get the nuances in writing. If they want to talk they can IM you over your Internet account or give them your face book account.

Again she left but drove by my house at least 15 times. I agree, you shouldn't give your number just because he gives you his number. Being realistic in my veiw you'll never get to know what a person is truely like until you talk to them and spend time with them.

Only then you'll be in a position to decide wether your ok together.

If so, you’re likely headed deep into the throes of a pseudo-relationship unless you move quickly! For example, tell him you love to explore new cafes or coffee houses. Hopefully he suggests something similar without the prompt; but if he seems interested yet doesn’t initiate, feel free to say, “I enjoy online dating but know, for me, that meeting in person is an important step. If he tells you to “call him sometime” and leaves his number, Dating With Dignity recommends you go “old school” and let him know that while you’re flattered, you “don’t call men.” Tell him you’re happy to give him your number though. Even though you’re dating 21st century style, you don’t have to do the asking or be the one who pursues. While it can be tempting to have long, intimate phone conversations with someone you really find yourself liking, a phone call before meeting in person is much different than talking on the phone after you’ve started dating someone.