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Tickets can be purchased on our website, at the Memorial Union box office or by calling 608-265-ARTS.

For three months, adventure filmmaker and author Karin Muller traveled alone throughout China - living with Tibetan nomadic yak herders, Mongolian wrestlers, and Buddhist warrior monks.

86 6975 humble hairy crab creates a storm in Shanghai every autumn, when nearby Yangcheng Lake yields up its harvest of crustaceans.

Restaurants in the city serve crab banquets all year round, but September to November is peak season.

These are not the typical monuments of China, but they are typical of Shanghai.

The largest city in the world never disappoints us, especially when it comes to its unforgettable sights, sounds and activities – all of them the epitome of “larger than life’.

Shanghai has a colonial past more intense than that of any other city in China except Hong Kong, meaning that cathedrals and European-style buildings can be found alongside traditional Chinese temples and architecture.