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Additionally, the Act authorizes the provision of technical assistance to states in the area of sexual assault kit backlogs, and requires that protocols for processing of the kits be established within 18 months of the law becoming effective.The requires reports from the Attorney General of the United States to Congress concerning Debbie Smith grants made.

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At the start of the hearing, Mr Akenhead warned the jury that they might find the details of the case "shocking and distressing".

Mr Mousley told the seven men and five women members of the jury, plus the two spare members - who had been selected in case a problem arose with the main 12 - how Ms Lynch had been taken to hospital on April 18 last year after she was found at home by carers suffering "severe abdominal pain".

He said that medical staff examined her and found a full 400ml shampoo bottle in her abdominal cavity.

The bottle was removed but she died two days later.

William Mousley QC, prosecuting, had begun telling the jury at Winchester Crown Court the circumstances surrounding the death of Majella Lynch in Southampton, Hampshire, when a woman selected as a standby juror fainted in her seat.