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The film was produced by Colin Harper Plank and Jacob Mosler through Plank's Centripetal Films production company.

It was inspired by the story of Chong Kim, who claims that she was kidnapped and sold into a domestic human trafficking ring in the mid 1990s.

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Jae is taken to an isolated warehouse where she is drugged and has her braces removed and personal belongings disposed of and is fitted with a tracking bracelet and put into a storage warehouse later called the stables.

2/20/2012 – Here/Queer Call for Submissions, by Riese 1.

A marshal named Bob begins following a tracking beacon which leads him to the body of a dead teenage girl with a tracking bracelet strapped to her ankle which is currently being investigated by one officer as well as the landowner.

Upon learning the officer has not called in the dead body, Bob promptly shoots both the officer and landowner.

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