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Following Henday fur traders poured into the West and few people considered it to be anything more than a source of valuable furs. The small town of Innisfail was to be the next location of a Masonic Lodge. The Lodge was constituted on August 7, 1895 and was composed of members preferring to work in the Ancient York Rite as distinct from the Canadian Rite used by Bow River Lodge. At one point in its history Eureka suspended eleven members for non payment of dues. The fact that Acadia had received a Charter was a source of great pride to the members. The reason for this, according to reports, is that his business required that he travel considerably by horse and buggy. Bellamy would recite the ritual aloud to the wide open spaces while driving.

Henday traveled from Hudson's Bay to Rocky Mountain House. The first meeting of Spitzie Lodge on May 2, 1890 as late in starting because the Brethren had been summoned to assist in extinguishing a prairie fire. To facilitate this an emergent meeting was called for May 10, his petition accepted and through a series of emergent meetings he received his three degrees and was elected to the office of Secretary in June. The Lodge decided to work in the Ancient York Rite following the tradition set by Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and Banff. Braithwaite, a pioneer physician, who come west with the N. Settlers were coming into the area very rapidly, attracted by some of the best farming land in the opening west. was instituted on June 21, 1894 and its Charter was granted one year later on The scene of activity moved immediately back to Calgary where Perfection Lodge No. The first meetings were held in the same building on and Second Street East that Bow River Lodge was occupying. When some of the suspended Brethren applied for reinstatement their applications were refused. The minutes record that in 1897 a "Charter Framing Committee" was appointed and for several months it reported progress. The horse became so used to the ritual that when Bro. The coming of the railroad, as usual, caused a growth in population and the hamlet became a village.

Other benefits may include Medicaid and food stamps. Idaho Crime Victims Compensation Program may cover medical bills, counseling, lost wages and replacement of property.

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He was the first Englishman to set foot in what is now this province. Another prominent name in Alberta Freemasonry is that of J. Little, an Edmonton business man, who presented his petition for affiliation on April 30, 1894. It was very close quarters for work in the Ancient York Rite but the price was right at 53.00 per month. Puffer was initiated and commenced an outstanding record of a family in Freemasonry that has continued down to the present. Rutherford, who was to become the first Premier of Alberta and later the Chancellor of the new University of Alberta. Acadia almost failed to qualify for its Charter because, although the Lodge approved its By-Laws on May 27, 1897 and mailed them to the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Manitoba, the Post Office never did deliver them. The Lodge rented space in the It is reported that W. Thomas Bellamy held the position of Lodge Treasurer for twenty years. sponsored a petition recommending a dispensation to establish a lodge in Red Deer. Fream as Worshipful Master with twelve Charter members to support him, among them was Bro.

Henday was a fur trader and to the delight of the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company, he discovered a lucrative fur producing area. His family has continued in the Masonic Tradition until the present time bringing great distinction to the Order. had received a dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Manitoba on June 26, 1894, just a few days after Innisfail. Later this building became a Chinese Laundry and was demolished only a few years ago to make room for an urban renewal program. At this same meeting Candidates were passed and raised. Puffer who commenced the first Historical Register of Eureka Lodge and then ensued a space of thirty-two years in which there was no entry. Puffer took up the pen again and attempted to fill in the history of the missing years. In fact it was to cease to be a part of Edmonton and to become a separate municipality in 1899. Previous to this historic event the Masons in South Edmonton had banded together with enough strength to petition the Grand Lodge of Manitoba for a dispensation which was issued on January 28, 1897 and the lodge was Chartered on June 10, 1897. A new set of by-laws had to be scribed out hastily but were not approved by Grand Lodge until 1899, some years after the Charter had been granted. He is said to have been one of the best ritualists in the area. On July 27, 1899 a second dispensation was issued naming Bro.

Grace Rebecca Mann, 20, was found unconscious in a Fredericksburg, Va., house by two female roommates.

Another roommate, University of Mary Washington student Steven Vander Briel, has been charged with first-degree murder and abduction in Mann's death.

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