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Also, Sycamore Networks has been named in a lawsuit brought by a former employee, in which the former employee alleges that his employment contract was terminated because he complained about the company’s stock option practices.

In addition, the plaintiffs allege that the M-Systems officers and directors breached their fiduciary duty to M-Systems shareholders by backdating stock options and sought to further their own interests by approving the merger. Special thanks to Adam Savett of the Lies, Damned Lies blog for bringing this lawsuit to the attention of .

Our advice integrates our best thinking in this rapidly evolving area, the best practices that we have observed (and, in many cases, helped implement) of companies on the cutting edge of corporate governance issues and our experience as one of the country’s leading law firms in the defense of shareholder derivative and class actions.

Experience We routinely advise boards of directors and management regarding compliance with their fiduciary obligations, updating corporate governance standards in response to shifting regulatory requirements, structuring complex management compensation programs designed to attract talent and implementing, reviewing or revising antitakeover provisions appropriate to maximize long-term value for an enterprise.

Our expertise and familiarity with all aspects of corporate governance helps clients stay on the leading edge of “best practice” corporate governance, permitting them to focus on the more challenging goal of building a stronger and more vibrant business.

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