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In the legend, Bodhidharma, the founder of Chan Buddhism, accidentally fell asleep after meditating in front of a wall for nine years.

He woke up in such disgust at his weakness that he cut off his own eyelids.

On television, Sarah Shahi lays down the law as feisty legal mediator Kate Reed on the USA Network's "Fairly Legal." But her path to the courtroom is a fascinating one—as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, she met director Robert Altman when he came to town to shoot "Dr.

T and the Women." The famous filmmaker encouraged her to move to L. to pursue acting, going so far as to give Shahi his cell phone number.

I didn't set out to do it, but here I am." He has now been coaching actors for nearly 35 years and authored the book "The Actor's Menu." Shahi admits she was initially hesitant. "We were too close." But she was eventually convinced to see Howey when preparing for her audition for "Life," she took to him immediately.