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He has won the mirrored ball trophy twice, in season eight and six. MB: Relatable, catchy, funky, it makes you want to move but it is also about things you can relate to.

In 2011, Ballas released Hurt Love Box, his first album.

Following his success, he partnered up with Blueprint to Quit to finally quit smoking. I was just kind of setting up for the new single that was coming out and video too.

The 27-year-old said that he began smoking around age 16 and had continued on and off throughout his adult life. ) The Celebrity Can you tell me about your partnership with Blueprint to Quit? TCC: You released an album in 2011, did you notice that your smoking affected that at all, vocally? MB: When the show is not on I am obviously enjoying holiday time.

In the 22st season Mark has been paired with Paige Van Zant. Mark had previously been dating actress, Julianne Hough. In the same year, mark moved on and began dating actress Pia Toscano. Ballas has the charm and skills to make his audience melt at his performance.