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When mentioned, Linda replied that she felt that the accident scene was probably too realistic, thus misleading people to think that it was real.

Linda expressed that she was shocked when the police suddenly arrived at the scene on that fateful day.

As I said in the previous post, I'm still watching Korean Dramas (I still am...hooked on watching K-Dramas since I started watching last year, as I've seen even more recently and I'm currently watching one that is still on air in SK right now...). Some episodes were good and there were others that I skipped, but I still watched the rest of (as in a few of) the last episodes.

I'm posting here a long list of recent ones I've seen and combining it with some recent TW-Dramas and a few K-Movies I saw too in one post. I re-watched this recently and again, I skipped some episodes, but I enjoyed watching the last few episodes. Cunning Single Lady/Sly & Single Again - I loved and enjoyed watching this K-Drama series.

CF: Jackie Chan Takes “CZ 12″ to San Deigo Comic-Con China Daily: The pig that dares to dream The best-loved pig in Hong Kong is called Mc Dull.