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He hates how their eyes are glistening in the sun, dangerous and too much but yet not enough at the same time. He looks at the two people in the picture, laughing and looking at each other with such hopeless longing in their eyes and he hates them. He hates how they can only see each other, even though there’s plenty going on around them.

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If you’re serious about perfecting your cooking skills to host family and friends during special occasions, you need to get serious about the equipment for cooking, too.

For instance, go for a quality knife that will give you that perfect cut to guarantee a moist and tender beef, pork, lamb, or chicken.

Reed & Barton Silversmiths is one of the oldest silversmiths in America today.

Dating back to 1824, it's small wonder if the company's history had interspersed with historical milestones at some point.

It started with a stupid thought and devolved into this... Update 1: While originally, there were not pairings to be followed, I ended up getting into Bucky/Wanda, and am depicting a little Natasha/Bruce on the side. Little do they know how much their lives would change as their lives quickly become intertwined. He opens his closet, and there they are, neatly folded, but already worn.