Reasons for dating a volleyball player

What it means to volleyball players: A last-ditch effort to save a ball from hitting the floor that will get you oohs and aahs from everyone in the crowd.

What it normally means: Chicago-style pizza with a thick crust that is loaded with tomato sauce and cheese.

I was thinking about athletic women and how hot they are. A taller than average woman with a bigger frame, maybe like a volleyball player (some may say Amazon) or A shorter than average compact frame, maybe like a gymnast. Also, with Gymnasts, don't you have the same problems as with young figure skaters- you get a delayed puberty effect, so if you're dating them while they're still training and such, you've got someone whose body hasn't really fully matured yet, in terms of breasts, hips, and figure, and so it just seems a bit...

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Strength training is beneficial for most sports, but essential for volleyball athletes.

Even though there are many specific skills necessary for success, you cannot build these skills without a solid foundation of strength.

Volleyball players are hit or miss, but at least most good volleyball players are quite a bit older. unfortunately, for whatever reason, they often don't.