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Modern technology combined with almost 250 years of knife making skills has made PUMA one of the finest lines of cutlery for the outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, backwoodsman, camper and collector.

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1967 – Renate von Frankenberg becomes the General Manager of PUMA®-Werk 1969 – Much of the PUMA® factory is destroyed by fire. 1986 – Oswald von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf dies, leaving a healthy and growing company behind.1991 – PUMA®-Werk is sold to the Hindrichs family of Solingen.

1995 – Harald Lauer becomes Managing Director of PUMA®-Werk.

The code is a two-, three- or five-digit number stamped into the pushing spring of pocket knives, or on the finger guard of fixed blade knives.

The code isn't the easily-discernible kind, and it's undergone change several times over the years.

It’s never been used, spent all its time in the box.