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Before Properties["Current User"] returns null properties. After Properties["Current User"] returns null properties. List Item["Current User"] returns the old value How can I compare the old value with the new value in a sharepoint form library that is using infopath as forms? Previous username value you are getting using properties. Praveen Kumar Solanki on Mon, Hi Helm, Is the "Current User" is the custom column created by you ?? The default behavior of Share Point is to redirect the user to the url defined by the // Will abort the thread _current Context.

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Note: Allegedly, this does change if the event receiver is synchronous – the before properties are available. Obviously, for Share Point 2007 systems that doesn’t apply – as ‘*ed’ event receivers are always asynchronous. Are people worried about events not being handled ‘cos firing is disabled, or is this just a convenient way of tracking whether events are enabled or not?

Share Point allows you to attach event receivers to content types. Unfortunately, deleting event receivers from those content types is much more hard. Continue reading In Share Point, Event Handlers (or Event Receivers – whichever terminology, a child of SPItem Event Receiver) can be registered against lists/libraries.

Post 1 : Synergy Online In this post Randy Williams, provided clear explanation about this.

Some basic details about Event Receivers got from this post Event receivers are a great way to hook into various Share Point events.

As many of you know, event receivers are a great way to hook into various Share Point events.