Problems updating batman arkham asylum

I've also been caught up in a new project which is almost done, that being The Walking Dead intro remake "The Creeping Dead".

We are truly sorry for 2 months of no updates, this project is not forgotten.

We have made the texture pack for Arkham available, please note that this texture pack is designed to only work for Arkham, any other world will look very bad with it. We have not updated this for about 21 days, we haven't given up, we're just taking a break.

They are described as follows: "infinite falling/falling out of world," "unable to continue story," and "Free Flow Focus mode not unlocking upon reaching Shadow Vigilante rank 3." WB says it expects a patch to be available "within the next week" resolving these issues.

It's noted that a PC fix is already out for these problems and one where some players were unable to make it through the vent in the Burnley tower.

Since then, reports of a wide variety of issues on all platforms have been rampant.