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She had a passion to join in artistic field from her early age. Her first public appearance was at her age of 10 where she sang a song.

Later she started taking lessons over drama and participated in various school acts as well.

The resulting footage was then digitized by the British Film Institute National Archives.

Bryony Dixon, a silent film curator at the BFI National Archives, told the BBC that Harvey's discovery marks an important moment in cinema history, hailing the images as "the first example of trying to get color photographically or naturally." She went on to describe the inherent shock value in seeing such rich colors within an antiquated context.

They do it through pictures, through the discripstions of themselves, and what their interests are in other people. I know why they are tempted to do so, but do not understand how they think it helps them find dates which are good matches. Just wanted to know that I wasn't crazy, or over-thinking. I remember getting on a phone dating line back in 2004-05 you had no idea what they looked like. With all the cell phones he should of sent you a picture to yours. I don't own a cell phone (device with digital camera function) so I rarely have any photos of me taken, and most that I have are a few years old.