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She went straight from one high-profile gig to another, becoming the choreographer and a dancer for The Jackson 5 (they noticed her while at a Lakers game) and then for the solo Janet Jackson. She didn’t have much background, but she hired a trainer and rehearsed tirelessly.

She studied many forms of dance as a child, and when she joined the L. Lakers cheerleading squad at 18, it was only another year before she was chosen as the head choreographer.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed, sources say Paula will be performing her new single, “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow,” in a pre-taped segment during Fox’s Super Bowl half-time show.

Randy Jackson co-produced the single, plays bass on the track and even appears in the music video: Is it just idle rumors, or is “the nice judge” really in talks to join Tom Petty and perform at Super Bowl XLII on February 3? Adding credence to the rumors are the facts that the Super Bowl is on FOX this year, and that Abdul is supposedly already working on the video for her duet with fellow judge Randy Jackson from his upcoming Music Club Vol.

It's been more than 25 years since Paula Abdul dated John Stamos, and when the couple reunited this week, it was just like the good ol' days. Together again and it feels so good," 's Stamos, 51, posted on Instagram after the duo connected on May 12.