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Mariana is somewhat stalked by the cheating father's son, Santiago, and they soon become close friends as they try to figure out their cheating parents' affair. She has no respect for herself really; she probably doesn't even feel like she deserves to live. What do we do with such heavy guilt when we can never take back what we have done?With a role model of a cheating mother (one that she destroyed) she then turns to promiscuous sex herself, perhaps trying to hold onto what she has left of her mother. He asks his brother and daughter Maria to find Mariana and bring her to them. This brings the family back together after some intense struggle, and the plot ends before we get the satisfaction of seeing the family together once again. What do you do when you cannot share something so painful that you have done? What if you don't have a parent to identify with or their characteristics are so terrible that you don't know who YOU are or who to be?This video (which is actually made by underwear company Me Undies, so go figure) perfectly nails the embarrassment surrounding online dating, even if you've met someone great.

Here, we've attempted to capture that uncomfortable — and often hilarious — adventure.

Starring: Vanessa Golembewski, Joe Phillips, Alex Granito, Darin Bresnitz, Ben Wilson, Jo Young, Christopher Michael Beer, Samantha Yu, Leeann Duggan, Marin Moore, James Bruffee, Axel Esquite, Darwin Deleon.

Or do you make up a "meet cute" story that resembles something out of an '80s romantic comedy?

This month, we've heard a lot of compelling stories about love.

Additional features were added to the app in July 2013; these include grid and ghost image tools for the camera, curated channels (including themed areas and trending topics/users), the ability to "revine" videos on a personal stream, and protected posts.