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I don't think it's directly type related for the most part. Deliberate *could* be somewhat related to rationality vs. But Sex was a stronger focus than Love when actually interacting with someone, though I did often Daydream about finding love.

Brutal seems like it's primarily about how highly your value other people's feelings/wishes/wellbeing vs. Playfulness is my preferance over brutal/gentleness. And I see no reason why the other two necessarily exclude the other.

For a lot of people, it's a seemingly never-ending dance of missed connections ...

with the slow burn of “WHY WON'T THE MAGICAL BOX PROVIDE ME WITH SEX ? For one thing, OKCupid (and I assume other dating sites) will block ..... high school consisted of a Power Point presentation given by a dance teacher, ...

The Doctor's message in his literary work is that it is good to try new things.