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The weird thing is that when comment out the call to Method A, it happen when I let Method A and Method B both execute. Any idea what other code I might have that is asking the ODS for data?I'm starting to think all these 'no code' data controls are more obfuscation and BS than they're worth.

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For more information about parameter merging, object lifetime, and method resolution, see This section contains two code examples.

The first code example demonstrates how to use a Drop Down List control, Text Box controls, and several Object Data Source objects to update data.

The second Object Data Source control and the Details View control are used to retrieve, display, and modify the data from the employee record that is selected by the user.

event handler deserializes the object in view state that contains the original data for the data record that is being updated.

I had where Method A and Method B were both eventually calling gv. This made sense because I assume that each call to Grid View.