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The “free” files are all dated from the Summer of 2013 which suggests they aren’t completely up to date and they contain fairly innocuous-looking tools with ominous names like “eligiblebombshell” and “escalateplowman.” Most of these are human-readable and written in Python or shell script although there are some compiled binaries.

These are hacking tools including RATs – or remote access Trojans – and exploits designed to attack web and file servers.

While I was lagging from taking a screenshot, the attacks continued and Zynbot stepped in and killed Worst. I then got demeaned by Worst, further pushing the issue it was not happenstance.

Chat screenshot, including GE asking if BS works with NSA, which both BS members and Rev's GM answered no to.

It is yet unclear how these files can be used to damage networked computers although I’m sure there is something of value in the trove. We find cyber weapons made by creators of stuxnet, duqu, flame. They wrote: We auction best files to highest bidder. Auction files better than free files we already give you.

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