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One could argue that even being with Sav, there are things that I was probably overly optimistic about instead of logical about...

In the hopes of seeing something or hoping something would change.

Or, even worse, I saw things in a guy that ended up being illusions of what I wanted him to be... Before I ended up with Sav, I tried to take a casual dating situation and turn it into something more...

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Timetree results using Rel Time better corresponded with the known fossil record for the out-group anuran tree.

For the priorless in-group, it also outperformed MCMCtree when node date estimates were compared with likely influential historical biogeographic events, providing novel insights into the evolutionary history of this pan-Asian anuran group.

Molecular dating studies typically need fossils to calibrate the analyses.

Unfortunately, the fossil record is extremely poor or presently nonexistent for many species groups, rendering such dating analysis difficult.

A Glorious Day Frog went up the stairs to Toad’s house.“Wake up! ” asked Toad, with a gleam in his eye.“No, it was nice,” said Frog.“Really? ”“I don’t think so, no,” said Frog.“You are no fun at all,” said Toad.