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COM \T M h va 2 THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE AUGUST 2, 2013 Crop Tops & Leggings. All American Apparel factories are located in Los Angeles and are Sweatshop-Free, meaning our workers earn fair wages and have access to affordable healthcare, as well as an on-site medical clinic. MUSIC 36 BROKEN SPOKE The venerable South Austin honky-tonk two- steps around South Lamar development BY MARGARET MOSER 40 METALLURGY Black Sabbath live at the Erwin Center and 11 metal platters wrested BY MICHAEL TOLAND MUSIC One night with CALENDAR BACK Port Arthur’s pride and joy in the 42 THIS WEEK 48 FILM 71 SHOT IN THE DARK summer of 1968 Access granted! SMARTY PANTS Jam's Joplin in 2013 THE ARTS 50 SHOWTIMES GAY PLACE BY KATE X MESSER 56 MUSIC RECOMMENDED Rob Zombie speaks, Killer Mike raps; plus 72 CLASSIFIEDS DAY TRIPS BY GERALD E. Steinberg LETTERS AT 3AM Michael Ventura PRODUCTION CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Stout PRODUCTION MANAGER Chris Linnen WEB DIRECTOR Brian Barry DIGITAL STRATEGY Michael Bartnett GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Zeke Barbaro, Shelley Hiam, Carrie Lewis, Doug St. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Austin Chronicle, PO Box 49066, Austin, TX 78765. Ste.104 (JUST NORTH OF 183) TUES-FRI: 10AM-5PM, SAT: 10AM-2PM CLOSED SUNDAY & MONDAY — — Fine Wine Spirits Twin O How can we miss you if you won’t go away?For us, higher pay for industrial workers leads to stronger employee morale, optimized productivity and efficiency, a better and more consistent quality of work and ulitmately a happier employee who wants to stay and grow with the company. 2 Guns, The Smurfs 2, Blackfish, The Attack, THE LUV DOC cycles back to The 40th Anniversary Cockneys vs. MCLEOD Gladys Knight and the O’Jays, Wanda Jackson, Los Texmaniacs, Esme Barrera birthday bash, Elana James, Courtney Love, Bubble Puppy, 78 FREE WILL ASTROLOGY SOCCER WATCH Hex Dispensers, Overseas, Naam, Daughn BY NICK BARBARO Gibson, and much more 58 VENUES 60 ROADSHOWS CLUB LISTINGS PUBLISHER Nick Barbaro EDITOR Louis Black SENIOR EDITORS MANAGING EDITOR Kimberley Jones FILM Marjorie Baumgarten MUSIC Raoul Hernandez SCREENS, BOOKS Monica Riese SPECIAL ISSUES, GUIDES, INTERNS Kate X Messer CALENDAR ARTS LISTINGS Wayne Alan Brenner MUSIC LISTINGS Anne Harris ARTS Robert Faires NEWS Michael King NEWS MANAGING EDITOR Amy Smith ASST. Ament STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS John Anderson, Jana Birchum PROOFREADERS Daniela Bloch, Josh Kupecki, Adrienne White, Danielle White INTERNS Neha Aziz, Robert Cohen, Candice Gallion, Jordan Gass-Poore, Nina Hernandez, Nathan R. Unsolicited submissions (including but not limited to articles, artwork, photographs, and resumes) are not returned. The second special session of the 83rd Legislature ended July 30 with no agreement on transporta- tion funding. Rick Perry immediately called another special, even though lawmakers warned him no deal is imminent (see Lege Lines, p.14.) No City Council meeting this week, but on August 1 the budget cycle resumes in earnest, with the formal presentation of the proposed budget by City Manager Marc Ott and the bud- get staff. City labor negotiations with the Austin Fire- fighters Association collapsed last week as the two sides could not agree on a new hiring procedure - city negotiators declared an impasse, and if no agreement can be reached by Oct. ) Austin Independent School District will finally break ground on its long-awaited Performing Arts Center at the Mueller development on Aug. The 1,200-seat auditorium will be paid for with million in voter-approved bonds.

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micro USB Dell Latitude Laptop i Lightweight & Portable I 1 2.1" Widescreen LCD M Powerful Dual ‘Core CPU m One- Year Warranty phone or tat and transfer GET CASH TODAY Dell Tower Computer with intel CPU One Year Warranty Sell your stuff! of Elizabeth St.) Phone: (512) 441-1400 Round Rock Round Rock Premium Outlets (Next to Ann Taylor) Phone: (512) 869-5738 That’s American. E” Made in USA— Sweatshop Free ~ Operated by Dov Charney AUGUST2,2013 the Austin chronicle 3 CONTENTS VOLUME 32, NUMBER 49 ★ AUGUST 2, 2013 The Ladies of Bitch at Thirsty Planet (clockwise from top) Shaun Martin, Kat Mc Cullough, Caroline Wallace, Arianna Auber, Holly Aker, and Sarah Wood PHOTO BY JOHN ANDERSON 6 POSTMARKS NEWS 8 POINT AUSTIN BY MICHAEL KING 10 THEN THERE’S THIS BY AMY SMITH 12 APD officer- involved shoot- ing; Lege Lines; Eastman plastics lawsuit; and more 17 THE HIGHTOWER REPORT BY JIM HIGHTOWER 18 BUDGET STRETCH RUN City money season at full speed - and the dollars are chasing the needs BY MICHAEL KING NEWS Continued cover- age of the third special session of the 83rd Legislature SCREENS Jon Reiss tags Austin with graffiti doc Bomb It 2 ARTS 23 Studio Visits: Cecelia Phillips; MASS Gallery puts three artists in its Hotbox this summer 24 WE DON’T THINK THEY’RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE Austin’s Rubber Repertory rents a former church in Kansas and fills it with a diversity of artists BY WAYNE ALAN BRENNER FOOD 29 Banger’s, Food-o- File, Meal Times 30 CRAFT BEER IS THEIR CREED Forget ‘ladies who lunch’ - it’s ladies who like lager at Bitch BY IVY LE 39 NEWS OF THE WEIRD SCREENS 33 Blackfish; and AFS Essential Cinema presents pre-Code Barbara Stanwyck 34 BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE It started on a mountain, and now it’s over the hill: channel Austin is turning 40 26 EXHIBITIONISM One Night With Jam's Joplin , A Chorus Line, and The 2013 Tiny Park Drawing Annual’ Get ready to turn up the heat! I DP SAFETY PICK* Starting at $19935 c Rgger c Beasley1WIAZDA I PROUD SPONSOR OF MSRP $21,675 - $1,740 dealer discount = $19,935 TT&L CENTRAL • SOUTH • GEORGETOWN • KILLEEN I HOURS: Mon - Fri am - pm I Sat am - pi 4 THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE AUGUST 2, 2013 austinch ‘DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER.

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Russell tries to get out of his marriage to a persistent Liz (Wendi Mc Lendon-Covey), who tries to make it work.

After learning that Adam and Jennifer spice up their lovemaking with "dirty talk," Audrey and Jeff attempt to do the same.

Adam and Timmy become overly competitive when a ping-pong table is installed in the company's break room.

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    Indecency with a Child is defined in Chapter 21 of the Texas Penal Code at Section 21.11 as follows (the language in brackets will be added effective on September 1, 2017, pursuant to H. 1808, 85th Texas Legislature, Section 3): (a) A person commits an offense if, with a child younger than 17 years of age, [and regardless of whether the person knows the age of the child at the time of the offense,] whether the child is of the same or opposite sex, the person: (1) engages in sexual contact with the child or causes the child to engage in sexual contact; or (2) with intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person: (A) exposes the person’s anus or any part of the person’s genitals, knowing the child is present; or (B) causes the child to expose the child’s anus or any part of the child’s genitals.

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