Newsstand covers not updating

People can still see the original cover and order a copy of the magazine with the uncensored cover online.

On ’s site, Gore points out the irony of backlash over women breastfeeding in public, while media is full of images of women’s boobs being used to sell products, “We are asked to go into seclusion to feed our kids.

The cover shows Alvarez-Erreclade breastfeeding her four-year-old son, who wears a Spiderman costume, next to the tagline, “No Supermoms Here.” When Gore posted the image on print magazine vendors were quick to follow, with several vendors telling Gore that they would not be shelving the magazine because of its cover.

The image is certainly striking—it’s a bold contrast to the typical covers of women’s magazines that feature scantily clad celebrities.

With i OS 7, Newsstand lost the ability to show the periodicals inside its folder, getting a static, more app-like icon instead, but gained the ability to be hidden away inside other folders.

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