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Earlier this year the final report for the Tasmanian Conservation Trust's project "Deal Island- Superintendents Residence project was handed into the office of the Australian Heritage Commission (AHC).

The building's floors are in poor condition and need to be repaired and a new application has gone into the AHC under the Cultural Heritage Projects Program (CHPP) to undertake these repairs.

The TCT would like to thank the consultants; the builders and volunteers who contributed to the old buildings up keep.

Parents need to know that this animated Christmas special is fairly mild but does include some off-color jokes and depicts Santa as a sweatshop owner who calls kids "brats." Humor gets slightly edgy when it targets mental illness, trading affection for material goods, and "being gay" but "not that way." Expect a few bits of nudity or sexualized content including a Main character Murray is steadfast but grouchy and insulting.

Small children may be horrified by the special's view of Santa as a sweatshop maven and general misanthrope.

This one was perplexing to me because it looked like she dated his brother Aaron as well! Anyhow, luckily we will see more of Josh trying to making a romantic connection with someone on Bi P season 3!