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Tell me a poem as to why I shouldn't be suicidal..." The three people that are left then have to match minds with the lonely heart.

They'd each be asked questions with two possible answers that the person in question will have answered on a card beforehand. Whoever gets to there first wins a date with them, probably to somewhere exotic like, ooh... Then it would be done again but with a girl chasing 50 boys. Sunday lunchtime screenings of the original US version went out on BBC2 for a short while during the mid 90s - it was around this time they were also repeating Shooting Stars in the same timeslot.

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simulation dating games dating phone numbers for free online dating ga "Singled Out" (1995)This show is not playing on MTV /MTV2 during the next 3 days.

Full TV Schedule » Video: Facts & Rules of Dating Video: Video: Facts & Rules of Dating Shows A-Z - making the band on mtv | The Futon Singled Out is a game show that ran on MTV from 1995-1998.

They normally require a bit more talent then the ones on Blind Date.

"I couldn't get on Blind Date with Cilla so I'm on an Americanised Channel 5 show instead.

It was still an economic exchange — men, after all, were still footing the bill — but the trade-off for dollars spent was companionship, not (necessarily) sex.