Motivating dating for men

That’s not to say no one else can listen to these podcasts, they’re just primarily aimed at the male of the species. It’s so informative and interesting that we ranked it in the #1 spot in our compilation of our favorite podcasts of 2015 is history like you’ve never experienced it before.

Of all the useful money-saving podcasts we have covered, Radical Personal Finance tops the list — we would even go as so far as to say that if you could only pick one personal finance podcast to listen to, it should be this one. Because it’s informative, well-researched, and backed by a qualified financial planner who has decades of experience. This podcast is hosted by a husband-and-wife duo who have chosen to open up their own lives in order to help others build a stronger and more intimate marriage. Dan Carlin explores all kinds of topics throughout world history, such as what happened in Munster after Martin Luther sparked the Protestant Reformation or how the Persians became one of the greatest empires of all time.

I’m about to imply that you are not as perfect as you may want to believe. Pass them up at your own peril.1) The Four Hour Work Week What it is about: A how-to guide on dramatically reducing the amount of time you spend on stuff you don’t like. What is does: Gives you clarity on what matters in your life and what you need to make it happen (financially and psychologically).

You’ve got nothing to lose in reading them but a few bucks and a few hours time.

We’re making the hard turn from children to adolescents, and I must admit I’m terrified (partly because I remember what I was like as a 13-year old! As I think back on almost 13 years as a dad, I recognize and acknowledge plenty of good parenting, but also a good amount of mistakes along the way.

As much as I hate to admit these regrets, hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes.

Translation: they’re not particularly good at those things. Good sex has little to do with duration, or measurements, or numbers or all the things young boys tease one another about. Trust me when I say that it will affect your relationships in every single way.