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They cut their teeth manufacturing high quality pocket watches.

Many of their earlier models were made from gold and featured complicated mechanical movements.

With that said, our primary goal now is not to find a detailed answer for each respective model's appreciation but rather to acquire a comprehensive understanding of how and why luxury watch prices have changed so much in general.

In an ideal world, no brand can go on for decades making the exact same product while gradually raising prices to several times of what it initially sold said product for.

We processed the raw data linked to two of the more popular models of the brand, namely the Submariner no-date and the Cosmograph Daytona, and we have also looked at the Submariner in 18k gold to see how this precious material has affected affordability. On the charts, we have marked in black the respective retail prices for each year, while in red we indicate how the price of each watch would have changed over the years had Rolex raised prices only to counter the effects of monetary inflation.