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The three day fling will be packed out with hundreds of “Deco-philes” in dated formalwear, all getting down to the Lindy Hop.

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Around 100 men have been apprehended in the region and put in the first camps for LGBTI people since the Holocaust and Fidel Castro. However, numerous human rights groups have now allegedly revealed gay men are being held in a concentration camp – former military prisons – to torture them for their ‘crimes’.

Dozens of gay men are being held in Argun, Chechnya.

The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles works to preserve anything with a hint of zigzag or ziggurat styling, and they’re keeping the Jazz Age alive.

This weekend, they’re throwing their 12th annual Art Deco Festival on the Queen Mary (itself a vestige of Art Deco design) in Long Beach.

Camp attended public school in Granby through the eighth grade.