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Some good discussion in this thread at Hacker News about how to evaluate people with a business skillset if you've got technical skills already. Is it effort, a willingness to fail, and the ready-fire-aim/look-before-leaping approach? But think about it - I bet you know someone that does a great job at executing and doing difficult things for a nonprofit, charity, religion, or some such, but can't get money for themselves and their own projects.

I reckon "a knack for getting money" is probably the most key thing to look for in a businessperson. All the business skills in the world without the knack for getting money doesn't fly. (Note: I think that's bad, and think that building and getting resources for yourself is good if you're a virtuous person.

Gary Johnson, who had won the party's nomination in the 2012 presidential election, won North Carolina with 42%, while in Missouri a plurality of uncommitted voters led local candidate Austin Petersen 40% to 29%.

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The other ten recognized candidates as well as three unrecognized candidates – John David Hale (who was disrecognized because he was under 35 and so ineligible to serve as President), Nathan Norman and Merry Susan Nehls – stood in at least one primary or caucus, and appear in the table below.

Five recognized candidates withdrew: Cecil Ince, Steve Kerbel, Joy Waymire, Bart Lower and Donald Eugene Lowe.

Well, maybe for employee #7,632 once a company's made it. You need to hustle and get money of some form real fast early on. If you're a regular here, you probably feel the same way.

A business guy who can't get money is probably worse than useless - if he wasn't on board, you'd be worried about solving the money problem yourself. If you're stopping by, let's skip the hand-wringing about different priorities for now.

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