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: I read the book at the same time I was reading the script and I thought it transitioned so well, the heart and soul and everything that makes Bridge to Terabithia entertaining. He comes up with these almost out-of-this-world ideas and then he puts them on the screen and they look amazing. He’s an artist and he created most of the characters in Terabithia.

I really wanted to do this project because they just kept it so close to the book. : It was amazing just walking into his office and seeing all the drawings he had made for Terabithia, and it really helped me when we were filming all the green screen work to have been able to first see all of the different creatures and characters in his office. Sometimes it’s not necessarily about how you look, but that could be another reason why they’re outcasts, because people might be a little jealous of them.

And Jess and Leslie, especially Leslie, are just so different from the crowd that people don’t know how to take them, and because they don’t know how to react to her they just think she’s weird and make that definitive decision and decide to bully her.

: Even if someone is good looking, if they don’t act like it, then people can still make fun of them for other reasons.

He isn’t interested in the celebrity to whom he has been linked. Not so much about liability, but because there is the possibility of depositions being taken…

on Monday night (June 26) at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City.

Anna Sophia Robb Anna Sagittarius Denver, Colorado, USA She was home schooled prior to 2009.